The presidential elections in France are history. The new battles begin

No earthquake in France – Emmanuel Macron, just as it was expected, wins his second term. Did he expect, though, that his victory will be so much less convincing than five years ago? That time, more than 66 per cent of voters chose him in the second round, many genuinely hopeful about his political movement, La Republique en marche, and his promises to “renovate French politics”. Now no more than 58,5 per cent actually want him to stay, including those who decided that he was no more than a lesser evil.

Many others understand already that Macron’s “new political quality” equals neoliberal anti-social policies, securing the capital’s well-being and brutal suppression of social movements and street protests. There is utter arrogance in Macron’s claims that he is now the president of all the French men and women. He is not. He is the president of the rich, which was proven in the campaign when he revived the idea of raising the retirement age, the idea that was met with resolute resistance once he had announced   it back in 2019. 

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