Border of Crisis

The Polish Border Guards has circled migrants at the border with Belarus (photo: YouTube)

Crisis around Belarus has entered a new phase: with desperate people used as political tools

The Cross-border Talks

On 18 September 2021 The Cross-border Talks made a detailed segment on the migrant crisis that has been troubling the EU countries that border Belarus. After the Belarussian protests of 2020, geopolitical tensions between Poland, Latvia and Lithuania on one side and Belarus increased significantly. What we witness one year later shows that migrants from the Middle East, people trying desperately to leave their war-stricken and impoverished condition in the homelands, are treated by both the Polish and the Belarussian state as “weapon”, as “evil”. The humanistic aspects of this migrant crisis get marginalised by the security machines. 

This is the transcript of the 18 September 2021 interview on the migrant crisis. On 25 October 2021 an update interview was recorded, whose transcript can be seen here.

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Cross-Border Talks #2: European Union, strategic autonomy and the Eastern Partnership

The three student of excellence in the Eastern Partnership – Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova are in dark blue. The countries that are less interested in Europeanisation – Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan, are in green (source: Wikipedia)

A look into the EU in itself and EU with regard to its neighbours

Cross-border Talks

The future of European Union has been a matter of heated debates for years. The second episode of Cross-Border talks takes a close look at the community’s place in international relations… with special focuses to both East and West. 

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