The West, the Taliban and Iran amidst the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Photo: A hint at Iran’s ambiguous attitude towards the developments in Afghanistan (source: screenshot, Washigton Post)

The third episode of Cross-border Talks offers a look to the Great Middle East after the ongoing US/NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In the first segment we speak to Bartosz Rydlinksi who has been affiliated with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and is knowledgeable on international relations between “West” and “East”. We study what is the American rationale behind the pullout, is the EU going to pay once again the price for Western beligerence (apart from the people of the Middle East), what role might neighbouring countries such as Iran play in Afghanistan and other issues.

In the second segment the issue of Iran’s position and role in Afghanistan is further studied through Malgorzata Kulbaczewska-Figat’s interview with Vladimir Mitev. He observes that the Iranian state and society are complex and see many issues in contradictory senses. The Revoutionary Guards has been engaging the Taliban for years, but another part of Iranians fear that a trap is set up for them to the east, that they might get involved in a civil war that will drain further their resources. The interview also deals with the new cabinet of Ebrahim Raisi, its foreign policy preferences and the recent protests in Iran.

The whole episode can be seen here:

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Photo: The signature of the Agreement to Bring Peace to Afghanistan between the USA and the Taliban, 29 February 2020, Doha (source: YouTube)

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